Off-Campus Walk

I was back at home this weekend, so for my off-campus walk I decided to explore the design of downtown Chattanooga.


Balance: I noticed balance in the Chattanooga walking bridge. It’s separated into three identical sections, all made up by geometric shapes which mirror one another. (Photo)

Proximity: When looking for proximity, my mind leapt to Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District. The Art District is a historic neighborhood, so it differs very much from the rest of the more urban Chattanooga. It’s a condensed area in downtown Chattanooga, so acts as a perfect example of proximity. (Photo)

Contrast: The standout contrast example I found was the Hunter Art Museum. The museum has more than one building- one being a modern, sleek one and the other being an early 20th century mansion. By siding these structures next to one another, the contrast and diversity in the city and the art is apparent. (Photo)

Unity: A great instance of unity is found in Coolidge Park. In the park there are winding walkways which encircle the structures in the area, bringing all of the pieces together. (Photo)

Hierarchy: Visual hierarchy definitely lies in the Tennessee Aquarium. This building is an integral part of Chattanooga and catches the eye for many reasons relating to its architectural design. I always noticed it when I worked at a restaurant across the river from it because of how intensely it caught the sun’s reflection. (Photo)


Line: Though just mentioned, the Tennessee Aquarium is a perfect example of line. Its glass ceilings are in triangular prism shapes, which draw the eyes up, creating the illusion of a taller building, perhaps conveying the idea of wealth in the city. (Photo)

Shape: The High Point Climbing Gym is easily one of the most interestingly shaped structures in Chattanooga. The walls of the building are slanted in various angles as a challenge for climbers. This, of course, makes the building a stand-out. (Photo)

Color: The Majestic 12 Theater in Chattanooga has notably interesting colors in it. At night, the glass is lit up in changing colors. (Photo)


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