Shape Modular

My subject in this shape modular is a coffee cup. I’ve represented it in three different ways: geometric, organic, and ambiguous.

Geometric Design

This geometric piece shows the top side of a disposable coffee cup. Here, I struggled with restraining from using too much of the gradient tool as well as perspective. I found that the coffee drips surrounding the lid don’t look like they’re on a different plane than the rest of the cup. It might look better if the drips were blurred a little. I feel the least happy with this piece.

Organic Design

I felt most successful at this organic piece, which was also the most challenging to create. Being new to Adobe Illustrator, it probably took me longer to create this than it would for someone who’d been using the program for awhile. I feel that the use of value is successful here.

Ambiguous Design

I was happy with the way this turned out. It was a learning experience when dealing with filling and grouping shapes. Several times I had to redo individual mugs, but I ended up with a product I don’t hate.

Shape Modular – Burgess


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