Photo Narrative

My photo narrative follows the story of a little dog who gets asked on a date. In the beginning of the evening, Dog is quietly sitting, reading a magazine. In the next frame, Dog’s phone lights up and we see that a new text message came in from “cutie <3” which says, “want to go on a date??” After that, we see that Dog is responding positively to the advances. The conflict starts when Dog doesn’t know what to wear. Dog has a mini fashion show, which is represented in four small frames. After trying on a pair of sunglasses, a red hat, a scarf, and a white beanie, Dog hears a knock at the door. Dog decides that the best way to go is to lose the accessories. We see a koala bear standing at the door, then Dog and the koala leave to go on their date.

I chose this simple story based on my resources, to be honest. I had some stuffed animals and winter accessories, so I decided this cute narrative would be adequate. I had a hard time making the piece, as a whole, look interesting. I added strokes around every frame in order to achieve more contrast and emphasis on the photos. I chose a beige background, which is neutral enough to not clash, but not as harsh as black or white. I thought about choosing grey, but it felt too dark and not warm enough to fit the story.




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